Calibrated paper & Underpacking PET

Calibrated paper & Underpacking PET
CALIBRATED PAPERS | A total range of colored calibrated papers of all thicknesses, from 0.10 up to 0.50mm and for sizes even up to 2070mm

POLIPACK | Underpacking polyester for sheet fed and web offset presses

A range of calibrated underpacking polyesters that offer maximum dimensional stability, ensure the strongest adhesion and leave no residues after use


  • High dimensional stability
  • Easy repositioning
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to remove after use with no adhesive residues left on the cylinder
  • The special formula of the adhesive ensures over two years of shelf-life

The line includes:

  • POLIPACK AA, with high shear adhesive strength, developed for sheet fed presses
  • POLIPACK MT-AA, with high shear adhesive strength and a matte surface, developed for high speed web presses.
  • POLIPACK WA, without adhesive. Developed for sheet-fed presses.

Available In rolls 1080mm, 1300mm and 1680mm, depending on type and thickness (see table), and in sheets cut to fit any press (minimum quantity 4 sheets per type and size).