Films for Printing on 3D objects

Films for Printing on 3D objects
POLIJET 3D | Thermally formable film for 3d image transfer

POLIJET 3D products are printed with sublimation inks using standard ink-jet piezo technology; they take the exact shape of any object and transfer to it, by means of heat and vacuum, the image previously printed on the film.

POLIJET 3D products are thermo- formable PET films, coated for sublimation printing; the printable side is rough (similar to sandpaper) and matte. POLIJET GOLD 3D is metallized and its back side has a glossy gold finish.


  • easy to print with a standard digital printer or plotter and sublimation inks
  • perfect adhesion on the object thanks to the balanced thermoformable base
  • easy and precise contouring of the object is achieved through a pin register system placed on the holding frame when using Polijet Gold 3D
  • allows the personalized decoration of a single item
  • ensures good results and reduced set-up costs if used for mass production
  • the printed image has a resolution up to 720X720 DPI and is resistant to scratches and solvents