Coating-Varnishing Plates 1.15-1.35-1.95 mm

Coating-Varnishing Plates 1.15-1.35-1.95 mm
A line of multilayer, polymeric varnishing plates, on poylester base, especially designed for in-line (direct) varnishing, able to fit all usage requirements:


  • POLISPOT, for use with water-based, acrylic and UV varnishes
  • POLISPOT AQUA, for use with water-based and acrylic varnishes
  • POLISPOT COMPRESSIBLE, for use with water-based, acrylic and UV varnishes, highly resilient
  • POLISPOT UV, specially designed for use with UV varnishes
  • POLIFLEXPLATE, a rubber plate on a polyester base, which offers the same flexibility in use of a strippable blanket


  • POLIUNDER / POLIUNDER VA (adhesive) is a compressible rubber underplate, on a textile base needed to ensure best quality results.