Thermal Transfer Films

Thermal Transfer Films
THERMAL TRANSFER - DIGITAL | Thermal transfer media for inkjet printing and cutting
  1. THERMOFLEX PRINT Thermal transfer film, coated specifically for textile printing, imaged using solvent, ecosolvent inkjet technology.
  2. THERMOFLEX COLOR Polyurethane film with an adhesive liner available in more than 50 colours, for transfers on shirts, cloth bags and other apparel in cotton or polyester. Designed with an adhesive liner to ensure an easy cutting and peeling, and with a heat activated adhesive for fast transfer time (12 seconds)
  3. THERMACROM INKJET Thermostabilized PET film with a unique Ink-jet and release treatment.

THERMAL TRANSFER - SCREEN PRINT | Thermal transfer media for screen printing

Thermal transfer process versus traditional direct screen printing is:

  • More efficient
  • More flexible
  • More economical
  • More profitable
  • Ensures better printing quality
  • Allows short production runs
  • No high skills required

The advantages of polyester film versus paper are:

  • Very good dimensional stability (low shrinkage)
  • No moisture absorption
  • See through for easy positioning of the image on the textile
  • Ink adhesion durability
  • Using a glossy film you can get a glossy surface, using matt film you get a matt surface