Dry for blanket and impression cylinder

Dry for blanket and impression cylinder
DRY WASHCLOTH | For automatic blanket cleaning systems of offset presses

Nonwovens for automatic blanket cleaning systems that fit any usage need with both sheet-fed and web offset presses; Fogra certified products, designed to offer the best cleaning results.
The line features:

  1. POLI-CLOTH® BLUE and POLIWASH WHITE, for those who are looking for a superior quality
  2. POLI-CLOTH® AQUA, a product offering top performances at a very competitive price

dry washcloth for impress cyl
POLIMPRESS - POLI-CLOTH® W/E DUO | For Impress Cylinder

Three products for the cleaning of perfecting offset presses:

  2. POLIMPRESS DUO, for the cleaning of rough impression cylinders
  3. POLI-CLOTH® W/E DUO, specifically designed for the cleaning of both the blanket and the perfecting cylinder in KBA 106 and 105u presses using the ELETTRA fastwash systems.