About us

EXIMPO INTERNATIONAL PPC is a trading & marketing company established in Athens in 1994, specializing in the graphic arts and printing industry area of business. Over the years EXIMPO has acquired extensive experience and contacts in almost 100 countries all over the world, as highlighted below.

EXIMPO's activity is to promote all products used in the printing industry, by establishing strategic cooperation with manufacturers of consumables in various countries who can guarantee both excellent quality products but also competitive prices and excellent service.
In Greece, EXIMPO imports and distributes the products.
In the rest of the world, it arranges the sales and relationship between the manufacturer and the customer.

At the same time, marketing support and sales organization servicing is offered to the manufacturers with whom sales strategies and methods are jointly worked out.

EXIMPO is always ready for new dynamic expansion of its cooperation with more manufacturers and buyers.

EXIMPO's World of Contacts